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Kirklees is a district of world class music that stands proud on its rich and diverse musical heritage. Music is the beat of our heart, it is the sound of our communities, and it is the pulse of our towns and villages.

Kirklees is a place where everyone can hear world class music through our festivals and programming; where children and young people have access to high quality musical experiences and education; and where the next generation of musicians and music professionals can build and sustain a high-quality career, with access to the very best industry advice, career opportunities and performance routes.

2023 will be a year where this vision comes to life, where residents are able to enjoy the richness and diversity of music today, inclusive of all genres, all communities and in all forms. Our Year of Music will give opportunity and space to encounter new and traditional music, where you will be invited to be part of a community that lives and loves music.

Why a year
of music?

As part of the Yorkshire region’s plans for a Year of Culture in 2023, Kirklees has designated it as a Year of Music for the district. 2023 will celebrate the richness and diversity of our music heritage, the music created and performed today, and our ambition for the future, inclusive of all genres, all communities and in all forms.

We will welcome visitors from across the district and from afar to our year-long programme that will create a vibrant sound track played in the hearts and homes in all our towns and villages.

In 2023, everyone will be able to encounter music in welcoming and friendly spaces and places; everyone will invited to be part of our music community, and everyone will be encouraged to experiment, learn, listen and enjoy.

Making a

Kirklees is proud to be ambitious and proud to put music front and centre of its contribution to the regional Year of Culture programming.

Year of Music 2023 is about everyone and for everyone! It will shine a light on why music is so important to the people of Kirklees.

The Year of Music will also work to strengthen our music sector and develop ways to support a strong and safe night time economy.

We will focus on facilitating world class music education, training, and skills, as well as unlocking the potential of music to enhance both physical and mental health and wellbeing


TOWNSOUNDS is a snapshot of our musical heritage – past and present – charting how music-making strengthened not only our civic identity, but also social networks and notions of community.

Who is involved?

Our Year of Music is about Kirklees, it is who we are.

Our Board represents our community, our sectors and businesses and involves people and advisors who can support our ambition.We have a core team of people who are helping everyone to make the connections, enable conversations and facilitate your ideas.

This is about Kirklees’ heritage and its future, and Team Year of Music 2023 will act as an inclusive network of everyone involved, those who participate, people who want to visit and those celebrating their local community, group, or venue.

We are all Team Year of Music 2023!

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