Music and Me. Ryoko Akama

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Hi Ryoko, what is it that you do? 

I am the Artistic Director of ame C.I.C. 

ame C.I.C. – ame (art music experiment) C.I.C., based in Huddersfield, is an artist-collective organisation that supports the contemporary music and art scene in Yorkshire. We commission works from both emerging and established performers, composers and artists, and deliver frequent concerts, exhibitions, educational and residency programs, working together with local venues and organisations. We run two venues in town – Dai Hall and Sho Hall. 

What does music mean to you? 

Life and culture. 

What was the first piece of music you brought?  

A flexi disc of a Japanese pop star, back in Japan in the early 80s. Perhaps less than a pound equivalent. 

Why are you taking part in the Year of Music 2023? 

Because ame C.I.C. is having an alternative view to music, and Year of Music 2023 should support it.

What is fab about the Kirklees Music scene and what could be better? 

There are so many people creating music individually and in small scales. However, better curation would improve our scene. 

What is the best live music experience you have attended? 

Performing Antoine Beuger’s en una noche oscura 2004, 4 hours piece where I performed as a part of an ensemble. Most of the time was silent, perhaps a note every 20/30 minutes. Great experience to drift into another world of listening.

What current artist/band/ song are you listening to? 

Normally I don’t listen to music, but I support M.I.A. and Pip Millett.

What three things would you like to see happen in the festival ? 

Diversity, quality and community. 

Finally, what is Your choice for the Kirklees Music and Me Jukebox? 

M.I.A. – Paper Planes



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